Satellite Mixed-Use Communities: Shows Stronger Demand Than Stand-Alone Projects


In line with the Live-Work-Play Philosophy, people nowadays are putting higher value to integrated mixed-use projects that are self-contained, highly accessible and a balanced mix between commercial, office & residential components, plus placing greater weight on bigger allotment for open spaces & wider road networks that focuses on creating a more conducive place to live in.

Economic opportunities in the countryside is scarce thus pushing people to migrate to the country’s capital, which makes Metro Manila even worse in terms of population growth. Outdated urban plans, ridiculous number of vehicles daily being infused to the static road networks and poor public transportation systems make for a nerve-popping daily commute for the workforce and unnecessary added costs for moving goods across the metro and neighboring towns.

Under these circumstances, people are left with fewer options to have a lifestyle that can offer to avoid these hurdles.

The mixed-use projects now comes into play with a promise of a paradise inside the grueling and fast-paced metro lifestyle.

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